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Michelangelo Pistoletto - Seventeen Less One, 2009

Michelangelo Pistoletto is that guy with all the mirror pieces. That’s how I remember him because whenever I’m doing a casual stroll, staring intently at the paintings and installations along the walls of any major contemporary art museum, I encounter one of his pieces and it takes me a little longer than it should to realize that I’m staring at a reflection of myself. There is usually a printed or painted figure in the mirror with you, and it’s a startling experience since you are usually not expecting to see yourself on the gallery walls.

This work from 2009, titled Seventeen Less One, is a performance piece in which he breaks all the framed mirrors in a gallery except for two. It’s a bit disturbing when you think of the usual experience the viewer has with a Pistoletto - to go from being in the art to having your reflection destroyed and fragmented is like the artist is tired of the illusion - perhaps you are not as much a part of it as you thought. The boundaries are once again clear and the artist is in control of whether you are in or out of the work.

(Source: artistandframer)